A leading player in the field of outsourced financial and HR services wanted to strengthen its brand by establishing a reputation for maintaining high standards in information security. One element included designing and deploying a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to ensure that the company is prepared to manage any business-critical problems that it might face. As the company’s business processes are entirely dependent on its IT environment, a Business Continuity Plan would largely be focused on dealing with IT emergencies. Lakana was engaged to manage the development of a suitable BCP.

business impact assessment
RACI chart

The starting point for the assignment was a Business Impact Assessment, whereby all business-critical risks associated with the company’s operations were identified and assessed. This led to the identification of 88 potentially business-critical risks across 29 subjects. Based on this assessment a common framework of BCP procedures was designed that standardized the company’s initial response to a business-critical emergency. Within this framework, specific procedures were developed to deal with each category of emergency. The framework was formally approved by senior management and deployed within Microsoft Teams. Lakana remains involved with the further development and deployment of the BCP across the customer’s organization.