Robert Howe is a serial entrepreneur who has built two successful software engineering businesses.  These companies provided products and services to high-tech international and multinational companies in the Healthcare, Semiconductor Manufacturing, Agrotech, Scientific Equipment and related markets.  Robert combines an in-depth knowledge of software with CEO/founder experience in deep-tech business.
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Robert’s skill set ranges from managing the development of innovative technology products through to business development, sales, marketing and finance. He has contributed to scientific papers on software engineeering, raised more than € 15M in funding from investors and sold € 700K – € 1M per year in software products and services. His sweet spot is advising and supporting customers in the application of digital technologies to their business ‘4.0’ needs. Fluent in Dutch and with an extensive European network, Robert has both UK and Dutch nationality.

“Software is the medium through which digitalisation is expressed. If you don’t understand software, you have no hope of coming up with a decent digitalisation strategy”


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Intuitus is the leading provider of independent, expert technology and digital advice to the private equity sector and mid-market companies. Lakana provides Intuitus with knowledge and expertise related to digitalisation and digital transformation in industry, agrotech, healthcare and semi-conductor manufacturing markets.

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High Tech Software Cluster

Robert Howe is a founder and board member of the High Tech Software Cluster (HTSC) and plays an active role in supporting its activities. In addition, Robert has been responsible for developing the marketing messaging of the HTSC.

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Higher Returns on Agile

Robert Howe and Han Schaminée have a long relationship dating back to the mid-80’s. Han has a distinguished track record leading large software engineering teams in corporate organisations and is an expert on modern software engineering practices. Together they provide a full range of digitalisation knowledge and skills.

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Robert Howe is a regular contributor to Techwatch publications, including Bits and Chips magazine, and frequently contributes to Techwatch events. Together with René Raaijmakers and Han Schaminée, Robert is building the Software in Industry Platform, which is a forum for executives and senior management to share knowledge and experience around digitalisation and digital transformation.

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