Customer Cases

“At first glance observability might feel simple and well-understood in the industry. However, once you get into details and run proper research you’ll find the complexity of the topic. Robert led the engagement methodically, pealing observability complexity back into several abstraction layers, which were not only easy to understand and explain, but also made observability relevant across the entire business not only IT. A journey from nuts and bolts to how technology can enable business performance observation. Enjoyed seeing you in action. Regards, Bogdan”

Bogdan Tindeche, Delivery Partner - Transport & Logistics at Endava, Endava

“Lakana has the unique capability to combine strategic consultancy thinking with a hands-on implementation force.”

Nardo Lambrechts, co-CEO, HelloFlex group

Business Continuity Planning for an IT business

A leading player in the field of outsourced financial and HR services wanted to strengthen its brand by establishing a reputation for maintaining high standards in information security. As part of the customer's information security program, Lakana was engaged to design and deploy a Business Continuity Plan.

Evaluating digitalization value creation opportunities

Digitalization offers businesses an opportunity to move higher up the value chain, build customer intimacy, and generate additional revenues from new business models. Lakana was engaged by a mechatronics company to provide advice and on the use of software to help them achieve these benefits.

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