The training academy of this multinational company was given the task of designing a course to educate their top executives about software. Senior management recognized that a lack of understanding of software was hindering the organization’s progress with digitalization. The academy had developed a full training program and invited representatives from the High Tech Institute, Lakana and Higher Returns on Agile to review the material and provide recommendations.

Following a period of intensive study and review, we made a series of recommendations to the customer. These focused on reducing the content of the course and strengthening the ‘mental model’ of software offered to executives during the training. We identified 6 core subjects most relevant to the target persona of the course and specified the two main themes that each subject should address. For each theme, we further identified the core messages that attendees should learn during the course. Finally, we provided the customer with a marketing abstract for the course to help them communicate the purpose, context and content. The customer accepted our recommendations and adapted their material accordingly. We remain engaged with the customer, providing further support on the subject.

business impact assessment