Leading competitors of this Dutch software company had raised more than $350M from investors and, independently from each other, had set about executing a buy and build strategy, triggering a market consolidation. The company’s CEO saw this as a potential opportunity and wanted to understand the changing market dynamic and competitive landscape. In addition, the company had developed a range of new product ideas. The CEO wished to understand the market potential for each idea to determine the most advantageous product roadmap for the future. After an initial free consultation, Lakana recommended developing a business plan for the company with a focus on the aforementioned issues.

The business plan was kept pragmatic and practical. It included an analysis of market dynamics, the competitive landscape, threats, and opportunities. The resources available to the company, both financial and operational, were identified. The plan delivered a range of conclusions, recommendations, and actions that mapped out how the company’s resources could put to best use, given the competitive environment and market consolidation. Lakana has been further engaged to support the company with the execution of the business plan.

changing market dynamic and competitive landscape