How can we help you?

Based on extensive experience in building businesses, software systems engineering, and realising complex OT applications, Lakana offers a range of digitalisation-related services, including advice, support and development roles in:

Business Challenges

    • Determining value propositions and business cases
    • Developing new business models
    • Setting business goals and planning
    • Solving business-related technology challenges

Strategy Development

    • Defining strategic goals
    • Identifying stakeholder needs
    • Evaluating technology solutions
    • Establishing a development roadmap

Software Engineering

    • Process development and deployment
    • Use of SAFe and Agile methods
    • Model based development
    • Component based engineering

System Architecture

    • System engineering methods
    • System decomposition
    • Software architecture
    • Software design

“Emerging vertical application domains are going to disrupt entire industries. Most of them are driven by software. However, existing market players often fail to appreciate software’s critical role.”
Future trends and research priorities in the area of Software Technologies — European Commission

Software is increasingly becoming the key to success for industrial and automotive companies. Software is no longer a separable component of a complicated product. Rather, physical products are becoming components in complex software systems. This requires that industrial and automotive companies manage the transition from software-as-a-component to software-as-a-system and from engineering complicated products to engineering complex systems.

Lakana provides the knowledge and experience to help you make this transition.

“Software-driven cars need new agile, customer-centric processes along the entire product life cycle, with a software- and data-focused architecture, to bring product development into the 21st century.”
McKinsey & Company